About us

Since falling in love with eliquid flavors back in 2012, we've been on the search for the best ejuice flavors!  Creating & designing our own custom blends with the finest ingredients available.  Our goal is to provide you with a really awesome vaping experience.  Inexpensive joose, while still getting a really great vape.  Expect maximum vapor production, with smooth, flavorful clouds.

We are very passionate about our eliquid creations, and pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality eliquids, at discounted prices.  If you are looking for some great flavors and serious vapor production, you have come to the right place.

We believe that e-liquid is the most important aspect of vaping.  The e-Juice controls the flavor, throat hit, vapor density, nicotine level, the whole experience.  Our mission is to have the very best flavors on the planet, and then figure out how to make them better!  

Thank you for your support!  We're always happy to serve you.